Top 5 Unique Charities in the US

Top 5 Unique Charities in the US

Charity Cab in Dublin is honored to be a part of the charity community. While we do our part to assist organizations such as the Taylor Foundation, Feeding America, and Habitat for Humanity, we also want to recognize some innovative charities in the US that are taking unique steps to help people (and pets) of all backgrounds.

Based out of Larkspur, CA, Canine Wounded Heroes helps to keep K-9 police dogs safe by outfitting them with bullet-proof protective vests for while they’re on the job. Just like the police men and women who enter dangerous situations every day, their K-9 companions are always facing great risks. Whether they’re sniffing for explosives, drugs, entering a dangerous area, these dogs need to have protection.

K-9 units dedicate their lives to protecting humans, and charity founder Jodie Richers has dedicated her life to protecting dogs and animals of all sizes. Her other organizations include Dogs on Death Row, Cats on Death Row, and One Child At A Time.

This super cute non-profit organization is also super amazing. Helping Hands does exactly what their name implies – train monkey helpers for disabled individuals. Specifically, they provide free capuchin monkeys to help people with spinal cord injuries in order to live more fulfilling lives. Helping hands is truly unique, as it is the only organization in the world that does what they do.

The little monkeys come with a unique personality all their own, and they are trained to turn pages, grab items, press buttons, scratch itches, and offer companionship that is truly one of a kind. Helping hands is definitely an unusual charity – and one that we hope to see thriving for many more years.

While we are in the business of providing transportation, we’ve got nothing on the efforts of Angel Fuel for Life. This unique charity offers transportation solutions for individuals who need medical care but don’t have the funds or ability to get transportation. Assistance can come in a variety of ways, including an individual gas card, fuel donations to mobile clinics, or even driving patients to and from their destination.

This innovative charity ensures that all individuals have access to health care, and that a lack of transportation doesn’t stop them from getting the help they deserve.

The Trevor Project offers a source for suicide prevention and life-saving advice for LGBTQ youth all across the country. Founded in 1998, the Trevor Project has been helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth for over 15 years. The goal is to provide a safe place for youth to discuss their ups and downs with a friendly, unjudging ear as they discover who they are inside and out.

The Trevor Lifeline, which operates 24/7, is the only crisis and suicide intervention line for LGBTQ individuals in the United States. Other services include TrevorChat, TrevorText, and various workshops and training courses to help raise awareness of the struggles of LGBTQ youth in America. This unique charity is not only amazing, but it’s also life-saving.

Based out of Sacramento, CA, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) is an innovative non-profit organization that seeks to advocate for safer vehicles in the United States. CARS is most famous for starting the California auto lemon law, which helped to spur similar lemon laws in the rest of the US.

CARS has helped enforce air bags, overall safer cars, and to protect individuals from automotive injuries and fraud. As a company that provides transportation service to dozens of passengers each day, Charity Cab is definitely grateful that an organization such as this one exists today.

Did We Miss Your Favorite Unique Charity in the US?

Comment below to tell us your favorite unique, unusual, and innovative charity in the United States. We’d love to hear from you!  Charity Cab is the only taxi that gives back.  One dollar of every ride goes to charity.

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