best restaurant in the east bay

The Best Airport Restaurants in the East Bay

The Best Airport Restaurants in the East Bay

“What’s a good place to eat around here?”  These are the best airports restaurants by Charity Cab’s airport transportation in Pleasanton.

As a Bay Area cab company offering Pleasanton to SFO trips, we hear this question a lot from our customers, especially when providing airport transportation. We’ve been asked so many times that we decided to put together a list of a few of our favorite airport restaurants in the East Bay. These eateries are located either within or just a short cab ride from the East Bay’s major airports.

San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Cat Cora

Food: American

Price: $$

Why we like it: If you’re looking for a rich, wholesome American meal before (or after) a long international flight, then Cat Cora is the way to go. Meals are reasonably priced, yet playful and unique. This airport restaurant offers tapas, fresh seafood and other local ingredients, and is even open for breakfast starting at 5am sharp. Want to feel good about your meal? All of Cat Cora’s utensils are biodegradable, so you can help the planet while you eat.

Yankee Pier

Food: Seafood

Price: $$

Why we like it: Fresh oysters, local seafood delivered daily, awesome clam chowder, and speedy service. What more could we ask for? Yankee Pier in SFO has been voted one of the top airport restaurants in the past, and there’s good reason for it. Yankee Pier offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you’ll never miss a chance to eat here during your next airport visit. What’s even better? They also offer vegetarian options for the non-meat eaters.

West Coast Cafe

Food: Italian, coffee

Price: $$

Why we like it: This airport restaurant is actually just outside of SFO, but can easily be accessed with a 10 minute cab drive. They have soup, pasta, seafood, and other Italian favorites including coffee and tea. If you’re looking for a quint airport cafe just on your way to your hotel or SFO, then West Coast Cafe is a great place to stop.

DSC_4597 13Bashamichi

Food: Japanese steakhouse

Price: $$

Why we like it: Bashamichi offers great, high quality Japanese food at an affordable price. Awesome Japanese food can be difficult to find, especially near an airport.  Their signature dish is wagyu tataki, and the $10 lunch box is a great value.

While Bashamichi isn’t quite an airport restaurant, it’s only 10 minutes away from SFO, and is definitely worthy of making our list of the best airport restaurants in the East Bay. Stop in and try the Wagyu steak if you can.

Oakland Airport (OAK)

Gordon Biersch

Food: American Pub

Price: $$

Why we like it: Beers and brats are never a bad idea, especially at Gordon Biersch inside the Oakland airport. We just had to include this on our list of best airport restaurants in the East Bay because the food consistently hits the spot, especially for those long layovers. Draft beers, burgers, outlets for your laptop, and sports on TV. Gordon Biersch has it all for travelers who have some time to kill and want a delicious pick me up.

Pyramid Ale House

Food: American Pub

Price: $$

Why we like it: Pyramid Ale House is another airport restaurant that won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for a different selection of beers on tap, or if Gordon Biersch is too far to walk, step on up to Pyramid for a cold one and some pub food. This is a great airport restaurant for lunch or dinner, and like Gordon, there are plenty of outlets for your computer or cell phone.


Food: Burgers and fries

Price: $

Why we like it: Hegenburger’s is just 6 minutes away from the Oakland airport, and it’s worth the visit. The food is reasonably priced and casual, and you’ll surely find something to eat here. Chicken burgers, hamburgers, onion rings, fries, soda, and more are all at your fingertips. Our riders who have eaten here are often pleased at the amount of food they get for such a low price. If you’re on a budget, this airport restaurant is a good place to check out.

Banh Mi Ba Le

Food: Vietnamese

Price: $

Why we like it: Banh Mi Ba Le is a great choice for travelers who are looking for something a bit more interesting. Their vietnamese sandwiches are cheap but the quality certainly is not. If you have a few minutes to spare on the way to your hotel in downtown Oakland, stop at this restaurant. We recommend you try the meatball and egg sandwich with one of their soups.

Did We Miss Your Favorite Airport Restaurant in the East Bay?

If you have a favorite airport restaurant, leave a comment below and tell us!  And as always make Charity Cab you choice for taxi in Pleasanton and airport transportation with Pleasanton to OAK and Pleasanton to SJC as well.

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