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Airport Transportation: Is Uber Cheaper than a Taxi?

Airport Transportation: Is Uber Cheaper than a Taxi?

Many of our loyal clients have been asking us: is Uber putting a dent in your business? While the ever popular transportation alternative has certainly affected our business, we’re still not worried. Charity Cab is an awesome taxi in Dublin and beyond, and we don’t intend to halt our services any time soon..

So, the main question of this post:  is Uber cheaper than a taxi for airport transportation?

We’re here to tell you why a taxi is a better alternative than Uber for airport transportation in the East Bay Area and beyond.

  • Uber hikes its prices when demand is high.

Also known as surge pricing or dynamic pricing, Uber charges more per ride when demand is high. The logic is that people will be willing to pay more to secure a ride when demand is high. But it also means that, even though you might live in the East Bay suburbs, calling a taxi in Dublin is cheaper than Uber during high demand times, such as New Years.


Uber is more expensive during commute times.

On a similar note, Uber hikes its prices during Bay Area commute times. During 6am-10am and again from 4pm-8pm, Uber shows a 50% increase in the percentage of rides using surge pricing. This means that users are paying higher fares to use Uber to get to and from work.


Uber cannot take you to all major airports.

Did you know that taxi cabs actually have to negotiate certain airport privileges? If you’re caught using lanes that are marked for taxi or bus use only, you can face serious consequences – and fines – unless you’ve negotiated a contract with individual airport authorities. Licensed taxi companies, like Charity Cab, have to pay airport fees in order to gain access to curbside pickup and drop off locations. While Uber now has access to SFO, OAK, and SJC, nationwide, you’ll find plenty of airports where they’re not welcome. And in some major airports, Uber charges an additional airport fee for pickup and/or dropoff. Needless to say, the situation is less than clear-cut.


Price isn’t the only thing to consider.

While Uber drivers do go through a background check, they just don’t have to pass the same rigorous tests that cab drivers do in order to gain their license. Cab drivers also use company cars, so they need to keep them well-maintained and presentable. Uber drivers? They use their personal vehicles, which aren’t always kept in tip-top shape. Lastly, while cab drivers know their driving area like the palm of their hand, Uber drivers rely on technology to tell them where to go – which, let’s face it, isn’t always the most reliable.

So there you have it. While a popular option, the answer to the question, “is Uber cheaper than a taxi” is “not always” and “probably not for Bay Area airport transportation.”

The next time you’re looking for airport transportation or a taxi in Dublin and nearby areas, go with your favorite local taxi company instead.

How to Never Miss a Flight

If you’ve ever been late for a flight, you know it can be stressful – and expensive. A missed flight means, in many cases, you lose the original cost of the airplane ticket and then have to pay an outrageous price for a same-day flight. Or, instead of missing your flight, you could follow the steps below in order to stay organized and on time for all your future airport travels. You’ll never miss a flight again.

private airport transportation to never miss a flightWhat to Do Before Leaving for the Airport to Never Miss a Flight

  • Pack your bags. Sounds obvious, right? Yet some people wait to pack their bags until the morning before their flight, making it more likely that they’ll forget an important item. Make a list of what items to bring and cross them off as you add them to your luggage. Planning the day before your departure also allows you to take the time to pack the most items into your bags, rearranging as necessary.
  • Use on-line check in. In this day and age, it just doesn’t make sense to check in at the airport. It’s one more thing you have to worry about once you reach the airport, and it can be easily avoided via the on-line check in feature. Make sure to check in 24 hours in advance so you can reserve a good seat.
  • Arrange for an airport taxi or look at parking fees. Fuel up your car the night before so you don’t have another 20 minute pit-stop to factor into your airport commute time. If you’re catching a cab or shuttle to the airport, make the arrangements a few days in advance. You don’t want to have a no-show taxi cab be the reason you miss your flight.
  • Know the airport layout. Don’t waste time wandering around looking for your terminal once you do finally arrive. If you are parking, understand if you need to take an airport shuttle from the parking lot to your terminal, or if you can just walk right in. This saves you unnecessary stress as you arrive at your airport of choice.
  • Have your documents ready. Place your ID, credit card, and boarding pass in an easy to reach location in one of your carry-on items. This eliminates any unnecessary searching when you arrive at the airport.
  • Check the status of the flight. Do this the hour or two before you head out the door for the airport. That way if you have a flight delay or cancellation, you’ll know whether or not to head to the airport and not miss your flight.
  • Plan your time well. Factor in the time it takes to drive to the airport, get to the terminal, get your bags checked, and get to TSA. Need to grab a bite to eat at the airport? Factor in a half an hour for that, too.

What to Do on Your Way to the Airport

  • Stay hydrated. Many passengers complain of dehydration on airplanes. This is due to the low humidity in the air of the cabin. Drink lots of water on your way to the airport and pack more bottles for on the flight.
  • Grab some travel snacks. Want to avoid overpriced snacks at the airport? Grab some pre-packaged snacks along the way. Dried fruit, peanut butter, jerky, trail mix, and crackers are all good snacking options for the plane.
  • Double check that you have all your documents. It doesn’t hurt to do a quick double check to make sure you still have your wallet, ID, and boarding pass with you after getting into the car.

What to Do at the Airporttravelers never miss a flight with a Charity Cab airport shuttle

  • Have your documents at hand. This saves you from furiously searching for your ID or boarding pass as you approach the TSA desk.
  • Know what to remove from your bags. If you have a laptop, make it accessible so you can take it out during the security check. Know what clothing items you must remove for the TSA checkpoint. Make sure your toiletries are all in a see-through bag and easy to identify.
  • Check your flight status again. Once through security, make sure that you are still on time and that you know which gate to go to.
  • Get to your gate ASAP. The sooner the better, since you’ll have time to sit and relax before the flight starts boarding.
  • Take any medications you need. Do you get nauseated during air travel? Take some Dramamine before boarding your airplane. Whether it’s a sleep aid, anti-anxiety, or other medication, take them before boarding the plan so you have time to acclimate.
  • Relax. Sit back, take a breath, and enjoy your flight! You’ll reach your destination in next to no time.

Never Be Late to the Airport Again

Being late to the airport can mean you’ll miss your flight altogether – and no one wants to deal with the stress, hassle, and exorbitant costs associated with rescheduling or missing a flight. If you follow our tips above, you’ll be on time and well-prepared for a safe and comfortable journey to your destination of choice.

Want to know a great way to never miss your flight again? Hire Charity Cab as your airport chauffeur in the Tri-Valley. We offer private airport taxi transportation in Danville, Dublin, Alamo, and the greater Tri-Valley, CA. We’ll get you to any major Bay Area airport in record time.

Airplane leaving after your airport transportation in Pleasanton

Airport Transportation in Pleasanton: Which Method Should You Use?

Airport Transportation in Pleasanton: Which Method Should You Use?

You’ve booked your flight, packed your bags, and called your sister and arranged for a free place to sleep at your destination – now you just need to get to the airport. Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, people run late for their flights all the time, whether it’s because they left late, encountered unexpected traffic, or went to the wrong airport altogether. Not only is it desirable to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, it’s also great when you can save money in the process. Choosing the best mode of airport transportation in Pleasanton might seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll break down your options and give you some pros and cons that will help you quickly come to the best decision for you!

Different Modes of Bay Area Airport Transportation

  1. Airport shuttle in Pleasanton. Airport shuttles will get you to the airport just fine, but you’ll be packed like a sardine amongst other passengers and their luggage. If you prefer a quiet, peaceful ride with no crying children, the airport shuttle just won’t cut it.
  2. Your car. Ah, the trusty family vehicle. This will definitely do the trick, but you’ll be paying for gas and airport parking (anywhere from $18-48 per day) while adding wear and tear to your personal vehicle.
  3. Bart. Like with a cab, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant airport parking fees. However, a round-trip ride from Pleasanton to SFO costs $22.50. Coupled with the time it takes to get to the Bart station, park your car, and then ride the train (with frequent stops) to your destination, Bart might not be your top choice in terms of time and efficiency.
  4. Uber. Transportation companies such as Uber quickly grew in popularity – but they are not without their drawbacks. Uber drivers do not have to pass the same rigorous tests that licensed cab drivers do, resulting in a reliance on smartphone technology that, let’s face it, isn’t always that smart.
  5. Cab. Cabs in Pleasanton were made for getting to and from airports. They are affordable and readily available, and you don’t have to worry about paying for parking once you arrive. Cab drivers are well-trained and know the best routes to get you to and from your destination with as little worry as possible.Charity cab driving in downtown Pleasanton taxi service

Why You Should Use Charity Cab Airport Transportation in Pleasanton

  • Convenience. We offer 24/7 service, online booking, and fast, private airport transportation.
  • Reliability. Charity Cab is always on time for pick-up, even during all major holidays.
  • Affordability. As a private chauffeur, we offer a great price and honest rates
  • Generosity. The one thing we always want to do at Charity Cab is give back to the community – and make it easy for you to give back, too. There’s no other cab company in Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, or beyond that gives $1 of every cab fare to a local charity. Our cab drivers are ready to simplify your life!
Airplane landing at SFO after turbulent flight in storm

Airport Parking vs. Airport Car Service

When you plan your next trip, you have to think about more than image of airport parking signthe cost of the plane ticket — you also have to think about the cost of getting to the airport and airport parking. Sure, you could ask a friend to take you and pick you up, but few people are willing to crawl out of bed at 6 a.m. to take a friend to the airport.

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