Charity cab picking up a Taxi customer in San Ramon

Top 5 Reasons to Take a Taxi in San Ramon

In need of a taxi in San Ramon? Charity cab is here to serve you! If you are still debating whether or not it’s worth it to take a taxi in the Tri-Valley area, read our top five reasons below. We’re confident we can convince you to take a taxi as the most sensible option for your needs.
Get there quick when you take a taxi in san ramon1. We get you where you’re going – fast. Our taxi drivers live and breathe the area, so we know the quickest routes and when to avoid certain busy streets and at what times of day. Our Taxi drivers are certified and licensed. They know the ins and outs of the area, so our drivers don’t get stumped by faulty Google maps directions or construction zones that block certain routes.
2. You’re also donating to charity. When you choose Charity Cab and take a taxi, you aren’t just getting an affordable, fast cab ride – you’re also donating $1 to a local or national charity. So you can get where you are going and also do your good deed for the day (or at least the first of many).
3. You might make a new friend! Our taxi drivers are some of the nicest people in the business, and with “People Before Profit” as our motto, it’s no wonder. Who knows, you might get to know your driver and learn something new during your ride!
4. You can save on gas and wear and tear on your own vehicle. We all know that the traffic in the Tri-Valley can be brutal. Let our cabs take the brunt of the beating so you can go home to your nice, clean sign to take a taxi
5. You won’t have to worry about parking. Okay, so you’re driving and you’ve made it through the nitty gritty traffic and finally reached your destination….but there’s nowhere to park. When you do find a spot, it’s three blocks away that costs $3 per hour. Why not simply avoid all of this stress and hassle and call a cab? Our drivers at Charity Cab will gladly get you to and from your destination with no stress and no sweat with our San Ramon Taxi. We also offer transportation to and from Bay Area airports.

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