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5 Off-beat Ways to Spend the Summer in Livermore

Are you looking for a fun way to spend a summer day this year – one that is a little bit more off the beaten path? If your main goal for a summer day is to spend the day with the family and have a few laughs, too, then check out our list of 5 unique activities to do in Livermore.

1.    Go for a hike at Brushy Peak

Catching a bit of the sun outdoors is always an excellent option. There are plenty of places to hike or explore in Livermore, like Sycamore Grove Park or Brushy Peak. Both are easily accessible, but if you want a park that feels more like a destination, try Brushy Peak. It’s on the edge of town, and offers a little more excitement because of it. Pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water, and you can easily spend half the day exploring the nature area.

2.    Relax at Lake Del Valle

Lake Del Valle is a classic Livermore destination, with a small beach with access to the water, picnic tables, a boat launch, hiking, and more. We do want to point out that the lake is currently partially closed as the parks district works to make repairs from the most recent set of storms and flooding. Make sure to stay tuned and check the website before packing up the whole family and heading over this summer.

3.    Spice it up with go kart racing

Umigo Indoor Go Kart Racing is one of our favorite destinations. If you’ve never been here, easter go kart racing in Livermore, CA. you’re missing out. And if you have been here, then you’re definitely ready to go again. They offer flexible prices, and you pay by the race. We recommend planning for at least two races, since the first one is usually just getting your feet wet, and the second one is where the real competition starts. This is fun for all family members of all ages, and proper safety gear is provided by the staff.

4.    Catch a movie at the Vine

The Vine Cinema (now the Vine Cinema and Alehouse) is one of those classic Livermore destinations, no matter what time of year. It’s the perfect place to spend a summer day, complete with an indie flick, catered food, and beer fresh from the tap. This theater offers comfortable couch seating, as well as traditional theater seats so you can pick your preference. There are plenty of tables so you can set your beer and food down without worrying about spilling. Check their website to see what new films are playing this weekend. The Vine is right downtown, too, so you can walk around afterward and maybe even grab some ice cream at Loard’s (we know you want to). If you need a ride to The Vine, use our Taxi in Livermore service.

5.    Try an escape room

Escape Rooms are definitely hot right now, and once you try out Livermore’s Limitless Escape Games, you’ll see why. The point? To get stuck in a room with you and your friends or family (or both), armed only with your noggins and a few strategically placed clues. Each clue leads you to the next one, with the end result being you find the key and get yourself untrapped. You’re usually timed, with anywhere from 30-60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape from your prison. Choose between various themes, like pirates, Sherlock Holmes, bank heist, and more. The rooms are always changing, so you can come back often and still be surprised. Escape rooms aren’t just good for a fun summer day, they’re a great exercise for team building, too.

That’s it for our top 5 off beat ways to spend your summer in Livermore – honestly, we feel like the list is just getting started! If you have more ideas for weird, out of the norm ways to spend a fun afternoon in Livermore, let us know about it in the comments below.

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